Northern Illinois Association of Teachers of Mathematics (NIATM)

Affiliate of Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM)

Math Award



The 2015 Dr. John Schumaker Memorial Grant

$500 for a High School Senior who will be graduating in the spring of 2015

All applications are due by April 2, 2015

Submit a maximum of three pieces of mathematical work totaling no more than 15 pages or totaling no more than 15 minutes of video time. The written or video work may be accompanied by models, artistic creations, etc. These pieces could be created for this grant competition, previously submitted in a class, or a combination of these two. Judging will be done by a panel of NIATM members.

Criteria for judging:

* Depth and/or breadth of mathematical understanding
* Mathematical accuracy
* Clarity of descriptions and/or explanations
* Comprehensive and/or creative mathematics applications by the student
* General presentation (neat, correct writing mechanics, within the 15-page limit, etc.)
* Sources of materials correctly cited (For instance, if the idea for a submitted piece comes from as instructor’s assignment or from a suggested text project, an appropriate citation should be made. If a student does research which is applied to a mathematical piece which is submitted, appropriate citations should be made.)

Originality is not a criteria. The topic need not be original to the student. Of course, copying is not acceptable.  April 2 , 2015 is the last date for submission. Any high school work is acceptable as long as the student is currently enrolled in a math course.

These additional criteria apply to computer submissions:

* If the program doesn’t run, the computer project will not be considered. The remaining submitted pieces will be considered on their own merits.
* All programs must be IBM compatible
* All programs must be on a CD-R disk. Improper input should not crash the program.
* All spreadsheets must be in Excel format.
* A hard copy (printed) of the source code must be submitted. It will not count as part of the 15 page limit. Also the source code must contain adequate documentation; i.e. not every line needs to be documented; only important or main sections must be documented.

Students will receive feedback from the committee concerning the winner and the strengths and weaknesses of their projects.

Student applications must be sponsored by a NIATM member. The sponsor or a teacher known to the sponsor may advise the student applicant as to appropriate pieces to submit. The sponsor will verify that the work submitted is that of the student applicant, and that all information on the application form is correct.  The NIATM sponsor of the student who wins the $500 grant will receive a recognition award of $50 to be used for classroom items.  NIATM reserves the right to not give an award in any given year.  The judges’ decision is final.

Submit completed applications only to:

Dr. Mehmet Dik

Rockford University

W 815-226-4135

[email protected]